LogHaven's owners and innkeepers, Gail and Paul Gotter built on an 80 acre tract of land that has been in Gail's family since the late 1800s.  Originally a homestead farm  this property boasts of hardwood and pine forests and open meadows that attract a wide variety of wildlife such as whitetail deer, wild turkey, bear,  coyote and small game. 

LogHaven is off-grid and totally supported by alternative energy solutions. Built in the year 2000, electric power was available only at a cost of $78,000 . Gail and Paul thought that they could accomplish an alternative solution at a much lower price, hence a wind turbine on an 80 foot tower was erected.  A second smaller turbine on the barn adds capacity. Solar was installed later on and provides an equal percentage of required energy. A one-day seminar titled "An Introduction to Alternative Energy" is offered based upon interest for those who would like to learn how they might apply the technology to homes or small businesses.

Inspected and approved by the Michigan Bed & Breakfast Association as an inn that assures personal hospitality, is fully insured, and meets its high quality standards.


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