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The Loghaven Story

Situated in a meadow on a hillside, LogHaven has a perfect location to take advantage of both wind and sun for energy.

A 3000 watt Whisper 500 wind turbine on an 80 foot tower provides 90% of LogHaven's electricity requirement.

Sixteen 40 watt solar panels are an additional energy source.

LogHaven is off-grid and totally supported by alternative energy solutions. Built in the year 2000, electric power was available only at a cost of $78,000 . Owners thought that they could accomplish an alternative solution at a much lower price, hence a wind turbine on an 80 foot tower was erected. Some solar has been added since then which provides a lesser percentage of required energy. A one-day seminar titled “An Introduction to Alternative Energy” is offered once a month for those who would like to learn how they might apply the technology to homes or small businesses. 

Energy and eco-concious practices are observed and conservation of natural resources whenever possible through recycling, reduced laundry, composting, lighting and power reductions, Energy Star appliances, chemical-free cleaning products, etc.


Inspected and approved by the Michigan Bed & Breakfast Association as an inn that assures personal hospitality, is fully insured, and meets its high quality standards.

LogHaven has been featured by:

  • The Detroit Free Press
  • Michigan Magazine on RFD-TV
  • The Voice newspaper
  • True North Magazine
  • The Bay City Times