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Things To Do

Located in the Huron National Forest, a multitude of outdoor activities are ready for your adventure

West Branch, Rose City and Mio 



Ogemaw Hills Pathway

651 S Fairview Rd, West Branch, MI 48661, USA

The Dream & 
The Nightmare
Golf Courses

Dream Golf Course

5266 W M 76, West Branch, MI 48661, USA

Hinchman  AuSable River Canoe Rental

Hinchman Acres & Ausable River Canoe Rental

S Mount Tom Rd, Mio, MI 48647, USA

Rifle River Recreation Area

Rifle River Recreation Area

2550 Rose City Rd, Lupton, MI 48635, USA
Colors from the deck

Art & Wine Walk Art December 7  2019

Gotts Landing Au Sable Canoe Rental

701 Morenci Ave, Mio, MI 48647, USA


Tipsy Bear Bistro

Tipsy Bear Bistro

503 W Houghton Ave, West Branch, MI 48661, USA

Willow Tree

Willow Tree

633 Court St, West Branch, MI 48661, USA

Rose Valley Winery

Rose Valley Winery

3039 Beechwood Rd, Rose City, MI 48654, USA

The Highway Brewing Co.

The Highway Brewing Co.

209 W Houghton Ave, West Branch, MI 48661, USA

Faull Inn

Faull Inn

206 N Williams St, Rose City, MI 48654, USA

Ma Deeters

Ma Deeters

2262 Deeter Rd, Luzerne, MI 48636, USA


Mio is the jumping-off spot for much AuSable River activity. Canoe liveries are located in town. There is a small Amish community just north of Mio with several stores and local sights.


Rose City is a quaint small town. There are two good wineries that offer free wine tastings every day. The Rifle River Recreation Area is just east of town and has everything an outdoorsy person could want - fishing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, camping.


West Branch is the county seat and has antique shops and an outlet mall. The Victorian Art Fair in early August is heaven for arts and crafts shopping. Lots and lots of antique venues are located on the main street in downtown Victorian West Branch as well as several notably excellent restaurants, boutiques and a micro-brewery. The Ogemaw County Fair is held each August and draws exhibitors and guests from all over the state. Fun for kids – and adults!

Where We're Located

Located in the amazing Huron National Forest, LogHaven is two miles from its nearest neighbor. Hardwood and pine forests abound, with an occasional open meadow where deer, birds and other wildlife may be viewed. The AuSable River is about ten miles north. Sports enthusiasts love its versatility – its fast-flowing, clear water is famous for canoeing/rafting and fishing. Known for the conservation efforts on behalf of the endangered bird species, Kirtland's Warbler, the Dept. of Natural Resources has created nesting areas throughout the entire area. Warbler tours for sightings are offered several times each year. Off road vehicle and snowmobile trails are within a half mile and connecting trails allow riders to travel hundreds of miles.
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